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Liberty Health Medical Aid Scheme

About Liberty Health

Part of the Liberty Group, Liberty Medical Scheme is a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa thus promising ethical business conduct. The medical aid scheme also provide a medical premium waiver. This waiver is a policy that provides the principal members the assurance that their family will receive continuous cover should the member die or become permanently disabled. Liberty Medical Aid also provide gap cover, which will cover the full cost of your hospitalisation.

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Liberty Health Options

Liberty Health Bona Plus

Bona Plus puts you and your family in touch with a primary care network of CareCross healthcare providers, giving you access to day-to-day medical services such as unlimited cover at CareCross GPs and pharmacies. You also enjoy hospital benefits at private hospitals. The Overall Annual Limit on Bona Plus is R980 000 per family per annum.

Liberty Health Gold Focus

Gold Focus is the perfect option if you’re starting out – whether you’re taking off in your career, just married or thinking of starting a family. It provides generous cover for your health care needs, this includes freedom of choice of private hospitals.

Liberty Health Gold Saver

With Gold Saver’s quality benefits, you know your health needs are safely looked after. It covers private ward fees for the birth of your baby and specific consultation and chronic medication benefits for children. This is a perfectly shaped plan for individuals and young families.

Liberty Health Titan

With Titan, every care has been taken to give you all-round superior cover that generously looks after your needs. Titan provides unlimited in-hospital cover, day-to-day benefits that are easy to manage and the freedom to choose your own service providers.

Liberty Health Platinum Focus

Platinum Focus is the ideal option to cover unforeseen medical expenses, now or later in life. It enhances your health care choices by giving you generous hospital, chronic and disease management cover, plus the freedom to select your own hospitals.

Liberty Health Platinum Saver

Platinum Saver provides all the health care cover you need as a growing family and as you mature. It includes rich day-to-day benefits paid from risk, covers additional chronic conditions and disease management. You can also select your own hospitals.

Liberty Health Platinum Complete

Do you want to enjoy peace of mind? Platinum Complete gives you the very best benefits available for all your day-to-day and hospital health care needs, plus the freedom to choose your own service providers.

Compare Liberty Medical Aid against other medical aid schemes