Medical Aid FAQ

What is medical aid?

A medical aid is mainly a medical scheme, or plan, that has been adopted by the governmental agencies to provide a type of insurance package for those members participating in the scheduled payment plan. It operates on the law of large numbers, meaning that there is a larger pool of members paying into the pool of funds than there are drawing from it.

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How do I decide which Medical Aid to join?

Medical Aid Search makes it easy for you to join a medical aid. When you complete a form on our website, you will be contacted by a medical aid brokerage firm. They will take your healthcare needs and budget into account to provide you with 5 medical aid plans from different medical aid schemes that you can choose from.

These plans are catered towards your individual or family’s needs and budget and therefore you can rest assured that you will get what you need and also can afford.

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How do I apply for medical aid?

The easiest and fastest way is to complete the form on our website. Your information will be send to a medical aid brokerage firm that will contact you with more information about medical aid and answer all your questions.

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I see you are an independent website, what does that mean?

Medical Aid Search is not a medical aid scheme, and also not a medical aid broker. We are an affiliate website and operate completely independently from medical aid schemes or medical aid brokerage firms.

We provide you with information, as accurate as possible, about medical aid and gap cover, so that you are able to decide for yourself if medical aid is the right product for you.

I don’t always understand the Medical Aid words and phrases?

The terms used by medical aid schemes can sometimes or even most of the time be quite confusing. Luckily for you, we have written an article explaining some of these “mambo jumbo” terms to you.

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What are “day-to-day” benefits?

This type of services is medical services, which a member qualifies for when he/she is not hospitalised. This includes services such as glasses, medications, doctor consultations, etc.

Can a Medical Aid refuse a new member?

No, unless it is a closed schemes. These includes medical aid schemes such as Profmed which only covers graduated professionals such as lawyers, doctors, etc.

Can I belong to more than one Medical Aid Scheme?

No, you can only be a member of one medical aid scheme at a time. If your spouse already belongs to a medical aid scheme, you have either the choice to join his/her medical aid scheme as a beneficiary or move to another medical aid scheme.

Can I move to another Medical Aid Scheme?

Yes, it is possible. Please note that all medical aid schemes in South Africa need to be notified a calendar month in advance.

If I apply for a Medical Aid Scheme option, will I be covered immediately?

Medical aids will impose a 3-month waiting period wherein no claims will be paid out and/or 12-month exclusion for any pre-existing medical condition.

When are someone qualified to be a dependent?

Any person who is financially dependent on the main member can qualify as a member.

Please note that children can be dependents of a medical aid scheme up to the age of 21.

Some medical aids do cover children to the age of 27, which is financially dependent on the main member.

What is a late joiner penalty?

A late joiner penalty is a penalty that is enforced by medical aid schemes to members that have not been a member of medical scheme for a certain period. This normally applies to those that are 35 years of age and older.

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