Discovery Health Medical Aid Scheme

Discovery Health is South Africa’s best known healthcare funder with more than 2.5 million members they are the largest medical aid scheme in South Africa. Discovery Health complies with every aspect of medical scheme governance including the King lll Code for corporate governance.

The medical scheme and all its members are presided over by an independent board of trustees. The trustees work tirelessly to improve service delivery while maintaining sustainability. To ensure service excellence the board of trustees are subjected to annual reviews that are intended to strengthen administration.

Discovery Health takes great pride in being the only medical aid scheme in the country to achieve yet again the highest credit rating of AA+ from the Global Credit Rating. Discovery Health now has 12 consecutive AA+ ratings.

The schemes financial strength and stability is further enforced by their reserve funds which currently stand at R8.2 billion.

Why Discovery Health Medical Scheme is South Africa’s most trusted medical aid

Discovery Health Mission & Vision

They are confident in their ability to generate necessary change in the healthcare market by providing members with quality services and healthcare products that adhere to the public’s fundamental healthcare needs.

The scheme has one vision, to make people healthier and enhance their lifestyle through comprehensive healthcare services.

Discovery Health Values

The medical aid scheme relies on well established values to guide them in providing comprehensive services.

Discovery Health has eight core values:

  1. Good business judgement
  2. Optimism and Innovative practices
  3. Exceptional Staff
  4. Bringing out the best in people
  5. Fairness integrity and honesty
  6. Smart leadership
  7. Urgency, drive and tenacity
  8. The ability to amaze clients

Discovery Health Benefits

Apart from overall benefit provided on their healthcare options Discovery members also have access to Discovery Vitality benefits. Discovery Vitality is the leading wellness program in the world. Discovery members on the Vitality program are rewarded for good health behaviour and practises.

General Exclusions

Potential members need to pay close attention to these exclusions to ensure they receive the healthcare they require.


  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Frail care
  • Procedures and treatments relating to cosmetic surgery
  • Procedures and treatments relating to the enlargement or reduction of breasts
  • Illnesses or injuries that have been self inflicted
  • Wilfully partaking in acts of war, civil unrest, rioting, terrorism and or rebellion
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Treatments and practises that are either unregistered and or unproven
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Discovery Health Plans

This leading South Africa medical aid scheme offers a variety of benefits to its scheme members such as a choice between 23 different plans that offer comprehensive benefits. Discovery Health’s plans offers unlimited private hospital cover as well as complete cover in their extensive healthcare networks.

Discovery Health also boasts that their members pay on average 16.4% lower contributions compared to other South African medical aid schemes.

Their access to a wide range of care programmes and services as well as the opportunity to be a member of the world’s leading science based wellness programme, Vitality, sets them even further apart.

KeyCare Plans

A dad playing with his son while the mother looks from the background

Affordable medical cover if you’re willing to use providers in a specified network for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment. The KeyCare Series provides income-based medical aid plans.

The KeyCare Series has 3 plans to choose from i.e. KeyCare Plus, KeyCare Core & KeyCare Start.

KeyCare Brochures

KeyCare 2023 Brochure

Smart Plans

A woman holding a phone while walking in the streets

The most cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover plus limited day-to-day cover if you’re willing to use providers in a specified network.

The Smart Series has 2 plans to choose from i.e. Classic Smart & Essential Smart.

Smart Brochures

Smart 2023 Brochure

Core Series

A man and a woman sitting on top of a mountain looking out over the ocean

A value-for-money hospital plan that provides unlimited private hospital cover and essential cover for chronic medicine with no day-to-day cover.

The Core Series has 5 plans to choose from i.e. Classic Core, Classic Delta Core, Essential Core, Essential Delta Core & Coastal Core.

Core Brochures

Core 2023 Brochures

Saver Series

Parents holding their baby

The most economical in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits through a Medical Savings Account.

The Saver Series has 5 plans to choose from i.e. Classic Saver, Classic Delta Saver, Essential Saver, Essential Delta Saver & Coastal Saver.

Saver Brochures

Saver 2023 Brochure

Priority Series

Man and a woman lying on the grass

Cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits with a limited Above Threshold Benefit.

The Priority Series has 2 plans to choose from i.e. Classic Priority & Essential Priority.

Priority Brochure

Priority 2023 Brochure

Comprehensive Series

Parents giving a baby some bottled milk to drink

Comprehensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day cover with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

The Comprehensive Series has 5 plans to choose from i.e. Classic Comprehensive, Classic Delta Comprehensive, Essential Comprehensive, Essential Delta Comprehensive & Classic Smart Comprehensive.

Comprehensive Brochure

Comprehensive 2023 Brochure

Executive Plan

An old couple holding each other

The Executive Plan offers you the most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

Executive Brochure

Executive 2023 Brochure

Contact Details

Phone Number:0860 998 877
Century City:Sable Park
Bridgeways Precinct
Century City, 7446
Sandton:1 Discovery Place
Sandton, 2196
Umhlanga:Shop 7
16 Chartwell Drive
Granada Square
Umhlanga, 4319
Sea Point:The Point Shopping Centre
76 Regent Road
Sea Point, 8060
Menlyn:Menlyn Maine Central Square
Shop 35
C/o Dallas & Aramist Ave
Menlyn, 0081

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