Medihelp Medical Aid Scheme

Medihelp is one of South Africa’s largest open medical aid schemes. Everyday more than 210 000 South Africans rely on Medihelp to provide them with affordable medical aid cover.

In an ever changing healthcare industry, where legislations constantly change and the cost of healthcare is ever rising, this is difficult to say the least but through hard work, dedication and more than 118 years of experience to fall back on Medihelp overcomes these challenges with effortless ease and continue to make quality healthcare more accessible to all South Africans.

They like to think of their relationship with their members as a partnership by providing members with innovative products and services. With this Medihelp is able to secure customer loyalty. Their claims payout is one of the best in the country.

Medihelp has once again been awarded an AA-rating from Global Credit Rating for outstanding financial performance. Because their solvency rate is above the mandatory 25%, they have one of the country’s highest “accumulated funds per beneficiary”.

Medihelp’s Mission & Vision

They want their members to “be healthy with Medihelp”. Through experience, hard work and determination the scheme ensure the best possible healthcare benefits for their members.

They aim to keep our medical aid membership fees as low as possible by using member contribution appropriately and keeping administrative cost to an absolute minimum. It is the scheme’s mission that every member receives more quality healthcare for their contribution.

Giving peace of mind to all of their members by providing medical aid cover they can rely on.

Medihelp’s Values

The medical aid scheme believe in offering true value for money when it comes to client services as customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. They set themselves apart from the rest. Before any action is taken the needs of the member are carefully considered. If service experience has taught them anything it is that a little compassion can go a long way.

Medihelp’s Benefits

All Medihelp members have access to quality healthcare service by a network of pre-approved service providers. Medihelp benefits include in and out of hospital benefits, specialised visits, dentistry, eye care, maternity benefits, GP visits and basic day-to-day.

Medihelp understand that a person’s life never stays the same and that healthcare needs change according to life stages. Medihelp healthcare plans are not “one size fits all”. Each one has been specifically planned to provide cover for a variety of needs in different life stages.

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Medihelp’s Medical Aid Plans

Medihelp medical aid benefit schemes have been specifically formulated to provide the best possible healthcare benefits to the member regardless of income ratio.

MedElect Student

MedElect’s excellent network options provide extensive coverage at an affordable premium, allowing you to focus on your studies without worrying about healthcare expenses.

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MedElect Student 2023 Brochure

MedMove! Plan

Embarking on your first job? Join a medical aid that caters to your healthcare needs during this exciting new phase of your life. With MedMove!, you’ll receive comprehensive coverage for essential health services, including private hospitalisation and emergency medical services through trusted networks. Additionally, you’ll have access to virtual and in-person doctor consultations, medication, and a range of other medical services that may be necessary. MedMove! ensures that you have the support and coverage you need to prioritise your health and well-being as you begin your professional journey.

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MedVital Plan

MedVital presents an economical healthcare solution that provides coverage for minor medical expenses, private hospitalisation, and emergency medical services. By selecting MedVital Elect, the network alternative of this plan, you can enjoy a 25% reduction in costs. This option offers a more affordable approach while still ensuring access to necessary medical services and facilities.

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MedAdd Plan

The versatility of a 15% savings account, supplementary insured coverage after savings depletion, comprehensive dental and eye care coverage, along with pregnancy benefits, makes this option highly favoured among young families. By choosing MedAdd Elect, the network alternative of this plan, you can enjoy a 24% discount. This provides an affordable solution that still grants access to essential healthcare services, catering to the specific needs of growing families.

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MedSaver Plan

MedSaver offers comprehensive coverage for private hospitalisation at any hospital of your choice. In addition, it includes a 25% savings account that can be used to cover medical expenses incurred outside of the hospital setting. Once your savings are exhausted, MedSaver provides additional coverage for out-of-hospital expenses, ensuring that you have continued protection and peace of mind.

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MedElect Plan

MedElect’s high-quality networks allow for comprehensive healthcare at an affordable premium. This means you can access a wide range of healthcare services and providers while enjoying cost-effective coverage.

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MedPrime Plan

In addition to comprehensive coverage for private hospitalisation, you’ll receive excellent benefits for out-of-hospital services through a dedicated savings account and insured pooled benefits. The plan also includes comprehensive dental and optometry benefits as separate provisions. By choosing MedPrime Elect, the network alternative of this option, you can enjoy a 22% discount, making it an even more cost-effective choice. This ensures that you have access to a wide range of healthcare services while receiving significant savings.

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MedElite Plan

This comprehensive plan is the perfect choice for individuals and families with extensive healthcare requirements. It offers a complete solution that addresses a wide range of medical needs, ensuring that you have the coverage and support necessary to meet your healthcare demands effectively.

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MedPlus Plan

Medihelp’s premium plan provides the highest level of coverage for medical emergencies, private hospitalization, and preventative care. It also offers significant benefits for acute and chronic medicine, radiology, pathology, and other everyday medical expenses. This comprehensive plan ensures that you have comprehensive protection and support for a wide range of healthcare needs, providing peace of mind and reassurance for you and your family.

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Medihelp Contact Details

Customer Care086 0100 678
Mondays to Thursdays: 07:00 to 17:00
Fridays: 08:00 to 16:00
Email Address:enquiries@medihelp.co.za
Brooklyn (Head Office):189 Clark Street, 
Hours: 08:00 – 15:00 (Monday to Friday)

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